Advisor CP Sales: Report Content Not Changing

Advisor CP Sales: Report Content Not Changing

If the numbers on your report did not change from the day before or don’t look right, the Job Detail worksheet may identify the problem:

1. Go to the Job Detail worksheet.

2. What is the Last Update date in cell H3?  If it is not the current date, then:

Reynolds: Use Dynamic Reporting to export ACPS Job Detail data.  If you are using completed reports, ensure you have selected the most recent run date.

CDK: In ERG, run ACPS Job Detail and ensure that you save the file to the C:\PSI folder.

Serti SDS: Re-run the Advisor Data V20 program.

3. What is the most recent RO Open Date? In column G, use the filter button, unselect Select All, expand the current year and month and scroll down – do you see yesterdays date?

If not, then for CDK, PBS and Serti SDS: Is it possible that accounting has not yet closed RO’s?